Not exactly a holiday camp: the Oakington detention centre.


The Immigration Reception Centre, at Oakington gets a pretty poor press. There was the critical 2008 inspection report from Anne Owers (click here for a link) and the recent tragic death of Eliud Nyenze. So when Cambridge MP Julian Huppert, Oakington parish council chair David Reeves and County Councillor David Jenkins visited it was with some concern.  Read the rest of this entry.

Guided Bus landscaping activity


As a part of the Cambridgeshire Guided Bus project there are a raft of planning conditions to which the contractor, BAM Nuttall, must adhere. One of those conditions relates to landscaping  and David recently joined representatives of Histon parish council (its chair) and South Cambs District Council (an officer) in a walk along the busway in Histon. South Cambs is the planning authority and as such is responsible for ensuring that planning conditions are observed. Read the rest of this entry.

Country Market open for business in Histon


Next week sees the formal opening of Histon’s Country Market. Country Markets Ltd is a membership-based co-operative social enterprise operating throughout England and Wales and enables individual producers to sell their home-made, home-grown and hand-crafted items locally and co-operatively, directly to the public. Click here for more information about Country Markets Ltd. Read the rest of this entry.

e-Cops: useful information and worth getting connected


e-Cops are ‘weekly beat updates’ by email to anyone who’s signed up. David is and he’s just got the latest email which summarises recent criminal activity in the ‘Histon beat’. The Histon beat includes the two county divisions of Cottenham, Histon and Impington and Waterbeach. The same territory covered by the regular neighbourhood panels. Click here if you want to sign up. Read the rest of this entry. Read the rest of this entry.